The Standing Committee on Private Bills reviews all petitions for private Bills, hears from petitioners and any other persons interested in the private Bill and reports to the Assembly on its review. More information on private Bills.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

There are currently no scheduled meetings.
6/25/2024 3:56 PM

Standing Committees

Standing committees are permanent committees as established by the Standing Orders. Appointed at the start of each new Legislature, standing committees comprise nine or 10 Members of the Legislative Assembly and exist for the life of the Legislature although changes in membership may occur.

Committee Clerk
3rd Floor, 9820 – 107 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1E7
Call: 780.644.8621 Fax: 780.427.5688

Meeting Minutes

Copies of approved meeting minutes can be accessed through the Legislature Library at

Legislature Library

Call: 780.427.2473

Committee Members (10)

Angela Pitt

Ms Angela Pitt (Chair)

Eric Bouchard

Mr. Eric Bouchard

Joe Ceci

Honourable Joe Ceci

Jasvir Deol

Mr. Jasvir Deol

Nolan Dyck

Mr. Nolan Dyck

Julia Hayter

Ms Julia Hayter

Chelsae Petrovic

Mrs. Chelsae Petrovic

Lori Sigurdson

Honourable Lori Sigurdson

Justin Wright

Mr. Justin Wright

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