The Standing Committee on the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund reviews the quarterly reports of the Fund, approves the Fund’s annual report and reports to the Legislative Assembly on whether the mission of the Fund is being fulfilled. The committee is also required to hold an annual public meeting with Albertans on the Fund's investment activities and performance.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Date/Time Location/Meeting Details
November 2024
Nov 6, 2024
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Rocky Mountain Room, 2nd Floor, Queen Elizabeth II Building
7/13/2024 11:06 PM


The Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund was created in 1976 with savings from Alberta’s nonrenewable resources. It is Alberta’s main long-term savings account. For almost 50 years the Fund has been invested, with the aim to deliver the greatest financial returns for Alberta. The Fund is required to keep pace with inflation by retaining a portion of its net income every year. Historically, additional income earned by the Fund has been transferred to the province’s main operating fund, the General Revenue Fund, and used to diversify the economy and meet current needs. Since its inception it has contributed more than $43.3 billion to support spending in areas such as health care, education, infrastructure and social programs. In March 2023, the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Act was amended to allow additional income earned by the Heritage Fund to be retained in the Fund. For more information about the Fund, including copies of its most recent quarterly and annual reports, visit Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund.


Annual Statistics

The market value of the Heritage Fund was $21.2 billion as of March 31, 2023, representing an increase of 2.5 billion year-over-year.

The Fund's investment breakdown includes 46.2% equities, 34% inflation-sensitive and alternative assets and 19.5% fixed income.

The five-year rate of return was 6.4%. At a broad level the investment strategy is to take a series of calculated risks that will pay a premium over time.

(taken from the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund 2022-23 Annual Report)


Standing Committees

Standing committees are permanent committees as established by the Standing Orders. Appointed at the start of each new Legislature, standing committees comprise nine or 10 Members of the Legislative Assembly and exist for the life of the Legislature although changes in membership may occur.

Committee Clerk
3rd Floor, 9820 – 107 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1E7
Call: 587.404.3735 Fax: 780.427.5688

Meeting Minutes

Copies of approved meeting minutes can be accessed through the Legislature Library at

Legislature Library

Call: 780.427.2473

Committee Members (9)

Tany Yao

Mr. Tany Yao (Chair)

Garth Rowswell

Mr. Garth Rowswell (Deputy Chair)

Andrew Boitchenko

Mr. Andrew Boitchenko

Eric Bouchard

Mr. Eric Bouchard

Gurinder Brar

Member Gurinder Brar

Grant Hunter

Honourable Grant Hunter

Kyle Kasawski

Mr. Kyle Kasawski

Samir Kayande

Member Samir Kayande

Ron Wiebe

Mr. Ron Wiebe

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