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The Standing Committee on the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund reviews the quarterly reports of the Fund, approves the Fund’s annual report and reports to the Legislative Assembly on whether the mission of the Fund is being fulfilled. The committee is also required to hold an annual public meeting with Albertans on the Fund's investment activities and performance.

The 30th Legislature was dissolved on May 1, 2023. Upon dissolution of the Legislature, Standing, Special Standing, and Select Special Committees of the Legislature cease to exist until the Legislative Assembly agrees to reestablish the membership of each committee in the next Legislature.

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6/7/2023 8:31 PM


The Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund was created in 1976 with savings from Alberta’s nonrenewable resources. For more than 45 years the Fund has been invested, with the aim to deliver the greatest financial returns for Alberta. While the Fund is required to keep pace with inflation by retaining a portion of its net income every year, additional income earned by the Fund has been used to diversify the economy and meet current needs. Since its inception it has contributed more than $43.3 billion to support spending in areas such as health care, education, infrastructure and social programs. For more information about the Fund, including copies of its most recent quarterly and annual reports, visit Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund.


Annual Statistics

The Fund earned a net investment income of $1,952 million for the year ended March 31, 2022. The net financial assets of the Fund were valued at $20 billion on March 31, 2022.

An 11.8 per cent rate of return was achieved. At a broad level the investment strategy is to take a series of calculated risks that will pay a premium over time.

The investment breakdown includes 50.4 per cent in equities, 18.4 per cent in fixed income and money market and 30.8 per cent in inflation-sensitive and alternative assets.

(taken from the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund 2021-22 Annual Report)


Standing Committees

Standing committees are permanent committees as established by the Standing Orders. Appointed at the start of each new Legislature, standing committees comprise between nine and 15 Members of the Legislative Assembly and exist for the life of the Legislature although changes in membership may occur.

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