MLA Remuneration

Effective April 1, 2024

Based on an approved motion of the Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services on October 18, 2021 amendments were made to Section 3 of the Members’ Allowances Order (No. 37).

Annual Adjustments: On April 1 of each year, components of Member remuneration shall be increased or decreased by the year-over-year percentage increase or decrease in the Alberta (All Items) Consumer Price Index published by Statistics Canada for the immediately preceding calendar year.

MLA Indemnity and Allowance

Additional Allowances, Office Other Than MLA

Special Members' Allowances

* Recognized opposition party

Committee Allowances (Committees of the Assembly)

**Except for the Chair, Members participating in committee meetings do not receive additional compensation. Members of Executive Council or the Speaker are not entitled to Committee Chair Allowance.

Remuneration Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

In 1969 the Member of the Legislative Assembly Pension Plan was established by the MLA Pension Act to provide a contributory pension plan for Members of the Legislative Assembly.  Participation in the MLA Pension Plan was voluntary and a minimum period pensionable service was needed to qualify for a pension.  This pension plan closed to new Members in 1989 with active participation ending in 1993.

In 2001 a program was brought in that paid to every person who was Member in that fiscal year an allowance equal to ½ of the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) dollar limit for that calendar year.  This was eliminated in 2012 when the Retirement Investment Option was introduced. 

Originally referred to as a Re-establishment Allowance when introduced in July 1988 for Members of the Legislative Assembly this was renamed to Transition Allowance in 1998.  The Transition Allowance was considered a ‘retiring allowance’ and available when Members of the Legislative Assembly retired or defeated from their role as elected officials.  The allowance was calculated based on a formula taking into consideration length of service and member indemnity.  Members of Legislative Assembly elected after April 23, 2012 are not eligible for a Transition Allowance. 

Members of the Legislative Assembly do not pay into employment insurance and, as such, do not qualify to receive coverage.

Since 2012, Members of the Legislative Assembly who have served a minimum of 3 months in that fiscal year shall receive a retirement investment amount equal to 13 per cent of the Member’s indemnity allowance.  In addition, a Member who has served a minimum of 3 months in that fiscal year may make a contribution to the Member’s RRSP account up to 3.65 per cent of their indemnity allowance, and the Legislative Assembly Office shall contribute an amount to the member’s RRSP account that is equal to the contributions made by the Member.