The Legislative Assembly offers in-person public tours, livestream tours, pre-recorded video tours and more. Explore the many ways to experience the Alberta Legislature.

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Public Tours

The Legislative Assembly of Alberta welcomes visitors to the Legislature Building, offering free tours and introducing guests to Alberta’s legislative process.

Beginning in the Legislature rotunda, tours accommodate visitors of all ages and cover topics related to the levels of government; the roles of the Lieutenant Governor, Premier, Speaker and Members of the Daily Routine of the Legislative Assembly; parliamentary tradition and the art and architecture of the building.

Registration is required for in-person public tours of the Legislature Building. Check out the Hours of Operation.

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Free Tours

Wheelchair Accessible West Entrance

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Duration of Tours 45 Minutes


Plan Your Visit

Location, visiting hours, tour highlights and other information about visiting the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton.

Plan Your Visit

How to Get Here

Hours of Operation

Public Livestream Tours


A Live Look at the Legislature

Want to explore the Alberta Legislature Building while learning about Alberta’s political and cultural history, parliamentary tradition and the building itself?

These themed tours are livestreamed via Microsoft Teams live events. Viewers can interact with tour guides by asking questions through the Q&A feature. No registration required.

Stay tuned for new tours coming in winter 2022!

Video Tours

These short video tours are a great way to visit the Alberta Legislature Building and Grounds from virtually anywhere.

Discover anecdotes and facts about our democratic history and traditions. Learn more about everything from the origins of the Legislature Grounds to the intricate woodwork that adorn the Legislative Chamber doors.

Behind the Scenes

Watch a special guided tour by the Speaker on places the public rarely gets to the see.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly gives a behind the scenes look of the School at the Legislature classrooms, the South Members’ Lounge, the Carillon Room and the Legislative Chamber.

School Tours

History comes alive during inquiry-based school tours of the Alberta Legislature, which engage and educate students of all ages.

Visitor Services staff tailor school visits to suit the needs, interests and grade level of any class and encourage active participation.

For example, in alignment with provincial educational curricula for each year, a Grade 6 tour highlights the function of provincial government and the importance of active citizenship while a Grade 9 tour outlines how the provincial Legislative Assembly compares to the federal government.

Tailored School Tours

Learn Alberta's History

Encourage Active Participation


Tours provide students with an overview of the history of the province and insight into the legislative process. Visitor Services staff explain the symbolism and stories behind the statues, flags and artifacts.


Students see the first Mace and hear the fascinating story behind its creation, experience the "magic spot," an acoustic phenomenon, and view the portraits of people who have contributed to Alberta's history.


A visit to the Legislature Chamber, where students learn about its traditions, officers and the role of their elected representatives, is the highlight of all tours. When the Legislature is in session, teachers can book group seating in the public galleries.

Opening Dates for School Tour Booking Requests

October – December 2023

accepted on or after

September 11, 2023


January – March 2024

accepted on or after
November 14, 2023

April – June 2024

accepted on or after
January 22, 2024


School Tour Options

Visits and Programming Are Free

The Legislative Assembly of Alberta is pleased to offer a variety of options for school groups. Booked components can include Legislature Building tour, educational programming, and watching the MLAs in Session.

School Tour Steps and Booking Request Form

School tours introduce students to Alberta's legislative process and focus on topics related to levels of government; the roles of the Lieutenant Governor, Premier, Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly; Alberta's political history; the daily Routine of the Legislative Assembly; parliamentary tradition and the art and architecture of the building.

On-site Tours

Grade 6 Tours

Grade 6 tours support the social studies curriculum in their coverage of the provincial level of governance and active citizenship. Students are given an overview of the history of the province and insight into the legislative process while discovering connections between the Legislature Building and Alberta’s democratic heritage.

Grade 9 Tours

Grade 9 tours support the social studies curriculum through comparison and contrast of the functions and procedures of the provincial Legislature and the federal government. Students also learn how Alberta's unique political history has contributed to the national story. Visitor Services staff challenge students to think critically and discover for themselves distinctions between the two jurisdictions, offering the class an engaging learning experience.

Online Tours

Live from the Legislature

A Visitor Services staff person leads this all-ages visitor tour, which is live-streamed directly to one or more classrooms. Students interact with a second Visitor Services staff person through chat, asking questions and receiving answers in real time. This tour covers the same content as the in-person tours.

Pre-Recorded Tour

Three Visitor Services staff lead this all-ages tour that takes viewers throughout the Legislature Building, stopping at all of the same areas offered on an in-person visitor tour. Book a live question and answer video session after this tour to allow students to interact with a Visitor Services staff person and ask questions.

On-site Programs

The Mock Legislature

The Mock Legislature allows students to participate in the parliamentary process as a role-play activity. Using replicas of the apparel and the symbolic items used in the Legislature, guides lead students through the stages of passage of a Bill so that every student can participate in the debate. Download the teacher manual, script and student handbook.

Pehonan Theatre

The Pehonan Theatre uses a 360-degree screen and 4-D effects in the film Our People Our Province, which celebrates the political and social history of Alberta.

Borealis Gallery

The Borealis Gallery in the Queen Elizabeth II Building features exhibitions exploring Alberta’s history, with a focus on sharing the stories of the Legislature, to educate Albertans on the role of parliamentary democracy in our province.

Democracy Discovery Centre

The Democracy Discovery Democracy Discovery Centre explores the workings of the Legislative Assembly, democratic governance and active citizenship through interactive activities and educational panels.

Watch Session

Observe the Assembly in action from the public gallery in the Alberta Legislature Building and experience the Legislative Assembly first-hand. Visitors can watch the Speaker's procession and Oral Question Period, listen to the deliberations of the Assembly and be introduced to the Members of the Legislative Assembly. Please note that session dates are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Please reference the Assembly calendar when choosing a date.

Online Programs

Online educational programs are interactive presentations given by Visitor Services staff to encourage students to consider new perspectives. They can be delivered for a Grade 6 or Grade 9 level.

The Famous Five and the Persons Case

The Famous Five were an influential group of Albertan women who changed the course of history with the Persons Case. But what was the Persons Case and why did it matter? How did laws and historic events in Canada lead to this momentous battle? In this in-depth virtual program, students will examine the branches of government and the role of the Senate through the story of the Famous Five.

The Media’s Role in Democracy

During the Great Depression in Alberta, the government became close to legislating the news Albertans could receive. How did the newspapers respond? And how did the Lieutenant Governor respond when the legislation fell on his desk to sign into law? This grade six presentation explores how the idea of Freedom of the Press has changed over time in Canada, the role of the Lieutenant Governor in relation to the constitution, detecting media bias, and how a free press feeds into the cycle of active citizenship.

Watch Session

This flexible option allows viewers to watch live broadcasts or previous recordings. Viewers can watch the Speaker's procession and Oral Question Period, as well as listen to the full deliberations of the Assembly. This activity is not led by a Visitor Services Staff person. Learn More

Itinerary Options

Note: the itinerary is a PDF file. To ensure functionality, please download the document and open it in Acrobat Reader.

Refer to the Opening dates for School Tour Bookings section above before submitting a request. Requests received prior the opening dates will not be accepted and will have to be resubmitted.

On-Site School Booking Request Form

Online School Booking Request Form

Booked Groups will receive a confirmation e-mail along with additional information about the visit, including a map showing the bus drop-off and entrance location. Please contact 780.427.7362 for further details.

Customized tours present the history, traditions and people associated with Alberta's legislative process in a way that encourages active citizenship and involvement in the province's democratic system.

The English language learners tour is supplemented by activity books that provide pre-tour exercises and reading-level-appropriate lessons to introduce basic terms and concepts necessary to understand the democratic process, Alberta's legislative history and provincial representatives in the Legislative Assembly.

Out of School Program Summer Tours

The Legislative Assembly is pleased to offer specialty tours in the summer to Out of School Programs including Daycares and Day Camps.

These 30-minute tours are customized to the ages of the group and provide a fun and educational introduction to the Legislature.



Hours of Operation

Fall & Winter Hours


Legislature Building Tours:

  • Wednesday to Friday - 3 p.m.
  • Saturday - 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., and 2 p.m.

Visitor Centre:

  • Wednesday to Saturday - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Capital Gifts:

  • Monday to Friday - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Times may vary during holidays, special events and facility maintenance.

Summer Hours


Legislature Building Tours:

  • Wednesday to Sunday - 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Visitor Centre:

  • Wednesday to Sunday - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Capital Gifts:

  • Open daily - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Grounds Map

Your guide to navigating the Legislature grounds.