Journals are the permanent official record of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and comprise the Votes and Proceedings of each session.

Unlike Alberta Hansard, which provides a record of what was said in the Assembly, the Journals are similar to the minutes of a meeting and provide a record of what was done in the Assembly.

The database is a searchable catalogue that provides the record of assembly business for each session of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from the Fifth Session of the 14th Legislature (1963) to the present. The appendices contain information such as a listing of all sessional papers, written questions, motions for returns, bills and committee of supply business. The appendices were discontinued in 2019 starting with the Journals of the First Session of the 30th Legislature. The index lists the items that appear in the Journals along with the corresponding page numbers.

A complete digital archive of the Journals dating back to 1906 can be accessed through the Legislature Library at

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Legislature, Session

30th Legislature, 4th Session (2022-2023)
30th Legislature, 3rd Session (2022)
30th Legislature, 2nd Session (2020-2022)
30th Legislature, 1st Session (2019-2020)
29th Legislature, 5th Session (2019)
29th Legislature, 4th Session (2018-2019)
29th Legislature, 3rd Session (2017-2018)
29th Legislature, 2nd Session (2016-2017)
29th Legislature, 1st Session (2015-2016)
28th Legislature, 3rd Session (2014-2015)
28th Legislature, 2nd Session (2014)
28th Legislature, 1st Session (2012-2014)
27th Legislature, 5th Session (2012)
27th Legislature, 4th Session (2011)
27th Legislature, 3rd Session (2010-2011)
27th Legislature, 2nd Session (2009-2010)
27th Legislature, 1st Session (2008-2009)
26th Legislature, 4th Session (2008)
26th Legislature, 3rd Session (2007-2008)
26th Legislature, 2nd Session (2006-2007)
26th Legislature, 1st Session (2005)
25th Legislature, 4th Session (2004)
25th Legislature, 3rd Session (2003-2004)
25th Legislature, 2nd Session (2002-2003)
25th Legislature, 1st Session (2001-2002)
24th Legislature, 5th Session (2001)
24th Legislature, 4th Session (2000-2001)
24th Legislature, 3rd Session (1999-2000)
24th Legislature, 2nd Session (1998-1999)
24th Legislature, 1st Session (1997-1998)
23rd Legislature, 5th Session (1997)
23rd Legislature, 4th Session (1996-1997)
23rd Legislature, 3rd Session (1995-1996)
23rd Legislature, 2nd Session (1994-1995)
23rd Legislature, 1st Session (1993-1994)
22nd Legislature, 4th Session (1992-1993)
22nd Legislature, 3rd Session (1991-1992)
22nd Legislature, 2nd Session (1990-1991)
22nd Legislature, 1st Session (1989-1990)
21st Legislature, 4th Session (1989)
21st Legislature, 3rd Session (1988-1989)
21st Legislature, 2nd Session (1987-1988)
21st Legislature, 1st Session (1986-1987)
20th Legislature, 4th Session (1986)
20th Legislature, 3rd Session (1985-1986)
20th Legislature, 2nd Session (1984-1985)
20th Legislature, 1st Session (1983-1984)
19th Legislature, 4th Session (1982)
19th Legislature, 3rd Session (1981-1982)
19th Legislature, 2nd Session (1980-1981)
19th Legislature, 1st Session (1979)
18th Legislature, 4th Session (1978)
18th Legislature, 3rd Session (1977)
18th Legislature, 2nd Session (1976)
18th Legislature, 1st Session (1975)
17th Legislature, 4th Session (1975)
17th Legislature, 3rd Session (1974)
17th Legislature, 2nd Session (1973)
17th Legislature, 1st Session (1972)
16th Legislature, 4th Session (1971)
16th Legislature, 3rd Session (1970)
16th Legislature, 2nd Session (1969)
16th Legislature, 1st Session (1968)
15th Legislature, 5th Session (1967)
15th Legislature, 4th Session (1966)
15th Legislature, 3rd Session (1966)
15th Legislature, 2nd Session (1965)
15th Legislature, 1st Session (1964)
14th Legislature, 5th Session (1963)
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