8th Legislature, 5th Session (1937)
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Bill 1An Act respecting the Taxation of Banks
Bill 2An Act to amend The Debt Adjustment Act, 1937
Bill 3An Act to amend The Coal-mines Regulation Act
Bill 4An Act to amend The Male Minumum Wage Act
Bill 5An Act to amend and consolidate The Licensing of Trades and Businesses Act
Bill 6An Act to amend The Pipe Line Act
Bill 7An Act respecting Sessional Indemnities for the Fifth Session of the Eighth Legislative Assembly and to amend certain Acts relating to Sessional Indemnities
Bill 8An Act to amend and consolidate The Credit of Alberta Regulation Act
Bill 9An Act to ensure the Publication of Accurate News and Information
Bill 10An Act to amend The Imcome Tax Act
Bill 11An Act to repeal The Legislative Assembly (Recall) Act


*Indicates an amendment was passed. Amendments are posted within a day of being agreed to.


Legislative Assembly of Alberta
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