29th Legislature, 4th Session (2018)
Bill 1: Energy Diversification Act (McCuaig-Boyd)
First Reading
Hansard pages
March 8, 2018, afternoon
Second Reading
March 13, 2018, morning
March 15, 2018, afternoon
March 20, 2018, afternoon
March 21, 2018, afternoon
May 9, 2018, morning
May 9, 2018, evening
May 14, 2018, evening
passed on division
Committee of the Whole
May 29, 2018, afternoon
May 29, 2018, afternoon
May 29, 2018, evening
May 29, 2018, evening
Third Reading
June 5, 2018, morning
June 5, 2018, afternoon
June 6, 2018, morning
Royal Assent
June 11, 2018, outside of House sitting
Comes Into Force
June 11, 2018
SA 2018 cE-9.6

Reference Only
The PDF version of this Bill is provided for reference only. The printed copy of the Bill remains the official version. The Bill is shown as it was introduced at First Reading. If amendments to the Bill are passed, a link to the amendment will show above.

About the Bill
The Bill sponsor's name is in brackets following the Bill title. If it is a money Bill, ($) will appear between the title and the sponsor's name. Numbers following each Reading refer to Hansard pages where the text of debates is found; dates for each Reading are in brackets following the page numbers. Bills numbered 1 to 200 are Government Bills. Bills numbered 201 or higher are Private Members' Public Bills. Bills numbered with a "Pr" prefix are Private Bills.

If a Bill comes into force "on proclamation," "with exceptions," or "on various dates," please contact Legislative Counsel, Alberta Justice for details at 780.427.2217. The chapter number assigned to the Bill is entered immediately following the date the Bill comes into force. SA indicates Statutes of Alberta; this is followed by the year in which it is included in the statutes, and its chapter number. Please note, Private Bills are not assigned chapter numbers until the conclusion of the Fall Sittings.


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