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Legislature 20, Session 4 (1986)
Legislature 20, Session 4 (1986)
Government Bills
Natural Gas Pricing Agreement Amendment Act, 1986
Alberta Stock Savings Plan Act
Department of Forestry Act
Department of Tourism Act
Rural Electrification Revolving Fund Amendment Act, 1986
Women's Secretariat Act
Department of Technology, Research and Telecommunications Act
Employment Pension Plans Act
Alberta Corporate Income Tax Amendment Act, 1986
Insurance Amendment Act, 1986
Private Members' Public Bills
An Act to Amend the Landlord and Tenant Act
An Act to Amend the Guarantees Acknowledgment Act
Ambulance Service Act
Fair Insurance Rate Act
Seat Belt Act
An Act to Eliminate Extra Billing
Alberta Personal Income Tax Increase Repeal Act
Disabled Parking Act
Alberta Palliative Care Foundation Act
An Act to Amend the Debtors' Assistance Act
Council on the Status of Women Act
Environment Conservation Act
Mortgage Interest Tax Deductibility Act
Freedom of Information Act
University of the Peace Act
Criminal Compensation Intercept Act
Retail Business Holidays Act
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