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Legislature 31, Session 1 (2023-2024)
Legislature 31, Session 1 (2023-2024)
Government Bills
Alberta Taxpayer Protection Amendment Act, 2023
Alberta Pension Protection Act
Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Amendment Act, 2023
Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2023 ($)
Public Sector Employers Amendment Act, 2023*
Public Health Amendment Act, 2023
Engineering and Geoscience Professions Amendment Act, 2023
Justice Statutes Amendment Act, 2023
Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2023
Financial Statutes Amendment Act, 2024 ($)
Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act, 2024
Consumer Protection (Life Leases) Amendment Act, 2024*
Real Property Governance Act
Appropriation Act, 2024 ($)
Appropriation (Supplementary Supply) Act, 2024 ($)
Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act, 2024
Canadian Centre of Recovery Excellence Act
Provincial Priorities Act*
Utilities Affordability Statutes Amendment Act, 2024
Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act, 2024*
Emergency Statutes Amendment Act, 2024
Health Statutes Amendment Act, 2024
Private Members' Public Bills
Alberta Health Care Insurance (Access Fees) Amendment Act, 2023
Education (Class Size and Composition) Amendment Act, 2023
Foreign Credential Advisory Committee Act
Municipal Government (National Urban Parks) Amendment Act, 2023
Housing Statutes (Housing Security) Amendment Act, 2023
Child and Youth Advocate (Parent and Guardian Advisor) Amendment Act, 2024
Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education (Valuing Skilled Workers) Amendment Act, 2024
Psycho-Educational Assessment Access Act
Arts and Creative Economy Advisory Council Act
Organ and Tissue Donor Information Agreement Act
Eastern Slopes Protection Act
Private Bills
St. Joseph’s College Amendment Act, 2023
Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta Amendment Act, 2024*
Providence Renewal Centre Amendment Act, 2024
Rosebud School of the Arts Amendment Act, 2024
7/14/2024 3:12 PM

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