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Legislature 21, Session 3 (1988-1989)
Legislature 21, Session 3 (1988-1989)
Government Bills
Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities Act
Homestead Lease Loan Repeal Act
Agriculture Statutes Amendment Act, 1988
Energy Resources Conservation Amendment Act, 1988
Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority Amendment Act, 1988
Health Disciplines Amendment Act, 1988
Tourism Education Council Act
Natural Gas Rebates Amendment Act, 1988
Alberta Research Council Amendment Act, 1988
Interprovincial Lottery Amendment Act, 1988
Motion Picture Development Amendment Act, 1988
Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Amendment Act, 1988
Surveys Amendment Act, 1988
Appropriation (Interim Supply) Act, 1988
Appropriation (Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, Capital Projects Division) Interim Supply Act, 1988-89
Appropriation (Alberta Capital Fund) Interim Supply Act, 1988
Municipal District of Brazeau No. 77 Incorporation Act
Animal Protection Act
Marriage Amendment Act, 1988
Oil and Gas Conservation Amendment Act, 1988
Employment Standards Code
Labour Relations Code
Maintenance and Recovery Amendment Act, 1988
Hail and Crop Insurance Amendment Act, 1988
Municipal Taxation Amendment Act, 1988
Motor Vehicle Administration Amendment Act, 1988
School Act
Police Act
Mental Health Act
Workers' Compensation Amendment Act, 1988
Calgary General Hospital Board Amendment Act, 1988
Appropriation Act, 1988
Appropriation (Alberta Capital Fund) Act, 1988
Appropriation (Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, Capital Projects Division) Act, 1988-89
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act, 1988
Public Health Amendment Act, 1988
Soil Conservation Act
Pharmaceutical Profession Act
Insurance Amendment Act, 1988
Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 1988
Gas Resources Preservation Amendment Act, 1988
Energy Statutes Amendment Act, 1988
Alberta Securities Commission Reorganization Act
Alberta Income Tax Amendment Act, 1988
Alberta Corporate Income Tax Amendment Act, 1988
Financial Administration Amendment Act, 1988
Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Amendment Act, 1988
Department of Tourism Amendment Act, 1988
Consumer and Corporate Affairs Statutes Amendment Act, 1988
Planning Amendment Act, 1988
Personal Property Security Act
Land Titles Amendment Act, 1988
Provincial Offences Procedure Act
Small Power Research and Development Act
Child Welfare Amendment Act, 1988
Credit Union Act
Alberta Agricultural Research Institute Amendment Act, 1988
Water Resources Commission Amendment Act, 1988
Telecommunications Act
Languages Act/Loi linguistique
Legislative Assembly Statutes Amendment Act, 1988
Free Trade Implementation Act
Regulations Amendment Act, 1988
Metis Settlements Act
Metis Settlements Land Act
Private Members' Public Bills
Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act
School User Fees Elimination Act
Quality Child Day Care Standards Act
Farm Land Vendor Financing Act
Alberta Economic Council Act
Alberta Family Institute Act
Alberta Plus Corporation Act
An Act to Amend the Municipal Taxation Act
Loan and Trust Corporation Conflict of Interest Act
Mid-winter Holiday Act
Children's Access Rights Enforcement Act
An Act to Amend the Emblems of Alberta Act
Mid-winter Holiday Name Act
An Act to Amend the Mortgage Brokers Regulation Act
An Act to Amend the Jury Act
An Act to Amend the Hospitals Act
An Act to Amend the Land Titles Act
An Act to Amend the Insurance Act
Mental Health Protection Act
An Act to Amend the Labour Relations Act
Disabled Parking Act
Religious and Ethnic Holidays Act
Retail Business Holidays Act
Party Leadership Finances Act
Motor Dealer Act
An Act to Provide for Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value
An Act to Amend the Alberta Bill of Rights
An Act to Amend the Guarantees Acknowledgment Act
Public Ambulance Act
Family Farm Protection Act
An Act to Amend the Remembrance Day Act
Alberta Lands Inventory and Protection Act
Legal Aid Act
Quality Child Day Care Standards Act (No. 2)
Public Service Pay Equity Act
not introduced
Free Trade Transition Commission Act
An Act to Amend the Vencap Equities Alberta Act
An Act to Amend the Individual's Rights Protection Act
Subcontractors' Liens Effectiveness Act
Injured Workers' Day Act
Alberta Arts Board Act
An Act to Amend the Liquor Control Act
An Act to Amend the Law of Property Act
Alberta Farm Security Act
Private Bills
Royal Canadian Legion Alberta Property Act
Canada Olympic Park Transfer of Title Act
Paul Mark and Cheryl-Lynne Mary Ibbotson Adoption Act
Warren S. Forest Bar Admission Act
Patricia, Alejandra and Marcello Becerra Adoption Act
Old Sun Society Community College Act
The Alberta Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Act
Rosebud School of the Arts Act
Hungarian Cultural Society of Edmonton Act
Brandon Paul Lumley Limitation Act
Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary Act
German Canadian Club of Calgary Act
Austrian Canadian Society of Calgary Act
Polish Canadian Cultural Centre of Calgary Act
Leslie Roy Peck Adoption Act
St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation at Calgary Tax Exemption Act
Donald Roy Deen Compensation Act
Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authority Amendment Act, 1988
Maskwachees Cultural College Act
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