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Legislature 27, Session 3 (2010-2011)
Legislature 27, Session 3 (2010-2011)
Government Bills
Alberta Competitiveness Act
Professional Statutes Amendment Act, 2010*
Fatal Accidents Amendment Act, 2010
Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Amendment Act, 2010
Appropriation (Supplementary Supply) Act, 2010 ($)
Emergency Management Amendment Act, 2010
Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2010*
Alberta Corporate Tax Amendment Act, 2010
Local Authorities Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2010
Victims Restitution and Compensation Payment Amendment Act, 2010 ($)
Witness Security Act
Body Armour Control Act
Securities Amendment Act, 2010
Traffic Safety Amendment Act, 2010
Appropriation Act, 2010 ($)
Traffic Safety (Distracted Driving) Amendment Act, 2010*
Alberta Health Act
Government Organization Amendment Act, 2010
Fuel Tax Amendment Act, 2010
Class Proceedings Amendment Act, 2010*
Wills and Succession Act
Family Law Statutes Amendment Act, 2010
Post-secondary Learning Amendment Act, 2010*
Carbon Capture and Storage Statutes Amendment Act, 2010 ($)
Freehold Mineral Rights Tax Amendment Act, 2010
Mines and Minerals (Coalbed Methane) Amendment Act, 2010*
Police Amendment Act, 2010*
Electoral Divisions Act*
Alberta Parks Act ($)
Private Members' Public Bills
Workers’ Compensation (Firefighters) Amendment Act, 2010
Mandatory Reporting of Child Pornography Act*
Municipal Government (Local Access and Franchise Fees) Amendment Act, 2010
Fiscal Responsibility (Spending Limit) Amendment Act, 2010
Scrap Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act
Utilities Consumer Advocate Act
Recall Act
Election Statutes (Electoral Reform) Amendment Act, 2010
Tailings Ponds Reclamation Statutes Amendment Act, 2010
Health Statutes (Canada Health Act Reaffirmation) Amendment Act, 2010
Anti-Idling Act
Private Bills
Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta Act
Canada Olympic Park Property Tax Exemption Amendment Act, 2010*
Lamont Health Care Centre Act*
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